20 Hercules Library  

18 The Vale

1 Murray Residence

3 Phoenix Central Library

5 Hill Sheppard Residence

6 Temple Kol Ami Synagogue

7 Teton County Library

8 Riddell Advertising

9 Horne Sea Arc

10 Byrne Residence

11 Townsend Remodel  

12 Mad River Rafting  

13 Riddell Residence 1

14 Riddell Residence 2 Urban

15 SMOCA remodel

16 Nevada Museum of Art  

17 Kursh / Piccioni SKY ARC

4 Nellis/Cox Residence

19 Loloma 5

22 Feigin Residence

21 Pool Residence

23 Agave Library  

25 Jarson Residence

26 Henkel Headquarters

24 Mezzo

27 Billings Library  

28 Blackbird House

29 Eldorado on 1st  

30 Pond House

31 Palm Tower

2 Deer Valley Rock Art


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0 Pre-Rome

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